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    83T. H. Ho and C. S. Wang,Modification of Epoxy Resins by Hydrosilation for Electronic Application,J. Appl. Polym.,54,pp13-23 (SCI)Ho, Tsung-Han
    83T. H. Ho and C. S. Wang,Low-Stress Encapsulants by Vinylsiloxane Modification,J. Appl. Polym.,51,pp2047-2055 (SCI)Ho, Tsung-Han
    83T. H. Ho and C. S. Wang,Dispersed Acrylate Rubber-Modified Epoxy Resins for Electronic Encapsulation,J. Polym. Res.,1,1,pp103-108 (SCI)Ho, Tsung-Han
    82C. S. Wang, H. J. Hwang, and T. H. Ho,1993,Syntheses of Novel Metabromophenolic Compounds and Its Epoxy Resin for Electronic Packaging,Proc. Nat'l Counc. ROC(A),17,5,pp347-352 (SCI)Ho, Tsung-Han
    82W.T. Wu and C.G. Tseng,1993,On-line Robust Control of a Multivariable System,J. Ch. I. Eng.,16,pp51-58 (其他)
    82T. H. Ho and C. S. Wang,Toughening of Epoxy Resins by Modification with Dispersed Acrylate Rubber for Electronic Packaging,J. Appl. Polym,50,pp477-483 (SCI)Ho, Tsung-Han
    81C. S. Wang and T. H. Ho,1992,Meta-Bromobiphenol and Its Epoxy Resin in Electronic Applications,Chinese J. Mater,24,2,pp123-132 (SCI)Ho, Tsung-Han
    81C.G. Tseng, W.T. Wu and Y.T. Chu,1992,Robust Control on an Identified Model Via a Modified Autotune Variation Method,J. Ch. I. Ch. E.,23,pp228-232 (其他)
    81W.T. Wu and C.G. Tseng,1992,Robust and Adaptive Control of a Multivariable System,Trans. Inst. of Measurement and Control,14,pp204-211 (其他)
    80W.T. wu, K.C. Chen and C.G. Tseng,1991,Adaptive Control of A Nonisothermal CSTR with Output Constraint,Chem. Eng. Commu.,110,pp187-197 (其他)
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