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    Entry YearPublicationAuthor
    871998,,31,pp8789- (SCI)Han, Yu-Kai
    87Wu, C. H., Lin, C. F*., Lo, S. L., and Yasunaga, T. ,1998,Adsorption/desorption kinetics of MoO42- onto -Al2O3 by the pressure-jump technique,208,2,pp430-438 (SCI)CHUNG-HSIN WU
    86L. L. Lin, T. H. Ho, and C. S. Wang,1997,Synthesis of Novel Trifunctional Epoxy Resins and Their Modification with Polydimethylsiloxane for Electronic Application,Polymer,38,8,pp1997-2003 (SCI)Ho, Tsung-Han
    86Guo T. Y., Guo J. C.,1997,Optimal 2-D Separable-denominator Approximants for 2-D Transfer Functions,20,2,pp213-221 (SCI)Guo, Tong-Yi
    861997,,20,pp3185- (SCI)Han, Yu-Kai
    86W.-C. Ou -Yang, and H.-L. Che,1997,Simple Methods for Assessing the Conformational Sensitivity of Infrared Bands by Dichroism,Macromol. Rapid Commun.,18,pp903-909 (SCI)Ou-yang, Wen-Chung
    86W.-C. Ou-Yang, L.-J. Li, H.-L. Chen, and J. -C. Hwang,1997,Bulk Crystallization Behavior of Poly(ε-Caprolactone)with a Wide Range of Molecular Weight,Polymer J.,29,pp889-893 (SCI)Ou-yang, Wen-Chung
    86D. -J. Liaw, W.-C. Ou-Yang, L.-J. Li, and M.-H. Yang,1997,Synthesis and Properties of Novel Aromatic Polyimides Derived from Bis(p-aminophenoxy) methylphenylsilane,J. AppL. Polym. Sci.,63,pp369-376 (SCI)Ou-yang, Wen-Chung
    86H.-L. Chen, L.-J. Li, W.-C. Ou-Yang, J.-C. Hwang, and W.-Y. Wong,1997,Spherulitic Crystallization Behavior of Poly(ε- Caprolactone) with a Wide Range of Molecular Weight,30,pp1718-1722 (SCI)Ou-yang, Wen-Chung
    86孫逸民 , 鍾美惠 , 何宗漢,1997,含萘脂肪族聚酯之合成與合成與性質測試,技術學刊,12,2,pp337-344 (其他)Ho, Tsung-Han
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