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Entry Year101
Journal levelSCI
Paper title (chapter)Improving the self-sintering of mesocarbon-microbeads for the manufacture of high performance graphite-parts
Name of journalCARBON
Date of publication2012-03-00
number of chapters50
Issue No.3
Starting page906
Starting page913
Total number of pages8
Name of author (Chinese)Jow, Jiin-Jiang
Name of author (English)Jow, Jiin-Jiang
AuthorsMing-Dar Fang, Wen Liang Tseng, Jiin Jiang Jow*, Chien Ming Lee, Ho Rei Chen, Mao Sung Wu, Tzong Rong Ling
Number of authors7
Author's typeCorresponding Author
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Reference URLhttp://www.citeulike.org/article/9849594
Language usedEnglish
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