Journal paper
Entry Year97
Journal levelSCI
Paper title (chapter)Conducting Polymer Blends Prepared from Polyaniline with Zinc Salts as Secondary Dopants
Name of journalJr. of Apply Polym Sci
Date of publication2008-12-00
number of chapters108
Starting page3516
Starting page3522
Name of author (Chinese)Ho, Ko-Shan
Name of author (English)Ho, Ko-Shan
AuthorsLiang Chao ; Yu-Kai Han ; Bi-Zen Hsieh ;Ying-Jie Huang ; Tar-Hwa Hsieh; Ching-Mao Lin ; Shih-Zen Lin ; Po-Hao Tseng ; Ko-Shan Ho*
Number of authors9
Author's typeCorresponding Author
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