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Entry Year97
Journal levelSCI
Paper title (chapter)Thermal and physical properties of flame-retardant epoxy resins containing 2-(6-oxido-6H-dibenz(c,e)(1,2)oxaphosphorin-6-yl)- 1,4-naphthalenediol and cured with dicyanate ester
Name of journalPolym. Degrad. and Stab.
number of chapters93
Starting page2077
Starting page2083
Name of author (Chinese)Ho, Tsung-Han
Name of author (English)Ho, Tsung-Han
AuthorsT. H. Ho, H. J. Hwang, J. Y. Shieh, M. C. Chung
Author's typeFirst Author
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Reference URLhttp://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0141391008003017
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